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It’s 2023 and we’re continuously impressed with the technological advances that tech and IT companies keep releasing worldwide. Blockchain and AI are all the rage these days, while crypto fanatics are, well, quite honestly raging. But I’m not here to talk about the crypto world, I’ve never emersed myself in it as my passions lie in the Real Estate industry, more specifically, with the creation and development of companies that provide (or will provide) exceptional service to the community.
Real Estate Brokerage

Today I want to talk about Paradigm21 Realty, a Real Estate brokerage I founded in 2021, and really launched in 2022 as we’ve developed the ideas, team, and IDENTITY. Who do we want to be? How are we going to help the industry? What is our legacy? How can we help “you”? Those questions and more were running through my head for years and when the time came, we dived deep into the development of our core identity. Every new company needs to find its place in the market and target the core audience of clients, partners, and team members to attract and support talent while providing exceptional service that’s beneficial on all levels. We’ve focused on a modern approach by utilizing technology and going by our name principle,… creating a Paradigm shift. What does that mean? It means we’re never happy with the “Status Quo”, never happy with “This industry has always been like that” or even “That’s how we’ve always done it”.

Let’s be completely, utterly honest with ourselves, Covid-19 was a terrible time of our lives, and while many suffered and we’ve all been impacted by it… I had Covid twice and half of my team is recovering from it as I write this article, we’ve also seen some great and mandatory changes in our industry. People across the globe learned to “Zoom”, “e-sign”, “e-pay”, “e-valuate” and so much more, which transformed not only our industry but the perception of what is possible. What an amazing paradigm shift, wouldn’t you say? Suddenly we had to scan our restaurant menus, and while this seems unrelated, guess what, we all HAD TO scan it, including the generations that have not typically used technology as their first option. This opened a whole world of possibilities in our industry and we’ve started seeing “drive-by and desktop appraisals”. “mobile notaries”, “money wires”, “electronic estimates, and other paperwork”, that were widely accepted by the general public involved in the Real Estate business.

How does that apply to our Paradigm21 Realty brokerage, headquartered in Memphis, TN you might ask?

Utilization of modern solutions and creative approaches has always been my passion and my career record proves that notion. Times of putting a sign on the front yard and “easy sales” are gone. Exposure to the market, the creativity behind it, and building (personal) brand credibility have never been more important than today. In a world of TikTok and Instagram influencers, we need to present ourselves to the audience as well. I’m not saying you should be dancing in front of the camera to sell a house, but presence is important, as: “Action creates Momentum. Momentum creates Consistency. Consistency reaches Goals!”. Paradigm21 Realty is creating (and finding) tools for agents, they can utilize on a daily basis to further elevate their business and reach their audiences faster and more efficiently. Some of the tools we’re providing to our licensed agents are: an exceptional website with listings and associated market tools, such as upcoming mortgage calculators from our partners; an Agent Listings Page; Exceptional Training of new and existing agents; Sign Placement Service; Whole marketing support powered by P21 Marketing agency, providing fast designs for social media; Dedicated social media managers; Field Services including photography taking, staging, item placements, regular property checks; Scheduling services along with upcoming Call Center and more, much more. We combine all of these and more with other tools that are available to the agents, such as showing services, CRM software, e-signing software, MLS-associated tools, and more.

One thing is for sure! We will not stop researching the best available tools for the agents out there and when you combine them with the other services by our partner/sister companies such as property management company RentalCity, general contracting company Efecto Group, marketing agency P21 Marketing, rental investment properties provider FlippingCity and other brands and companies under Paradigm21 Group umbrella.

The Paradigm SHIFT is here! Check our Agent Benefits in the LINK HERE.

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Real Estate Brokerage
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