Paradigm21 Realty represents continual progressive change. I work to embody this daily both in practice and personal life. Things are always improving and changing, and having the ability to accommodate and master those changes is imperative to success. As a company, we will always be able to grow, change and shift toward our end goal of helping us and our clients succeed and I intend to help our agents to do the same.
Crystal Mitchell
Director of Recruitment & Retention / Realtor
Paradigm21 Realty
Welcome to the Real Estate brokerage with a Paradigm shift. We’re looking forward to serve clients, partners and agents alike with an array of new approaches supported with newest technology, while maintaining a high level of integrity and communication.
Tomo Oblak
Chief Vision Officer / Founder / Realtor
Paradigm21 Realty
We created Paradigm21 Realty as an alternative to the traditional real estate brokerage. Our goal is to operate a firm that puts a high focus on training agents on the sales process specifically utilizing technology as a means to allow our agents to spend their time on the highest value added activities (selling!).
Dan Butler
Principal Broker / Partner
Paradigm21 Realty
I am excited about having Paradigm21 Realty as part of our overall portfolio of companies. The brokerage business is complementary to many of our existing service lines and markets making Paradigm21 Realty a great fit. Paradigm21 Realty will allow us to provide additional value and opportunities for our clients, investors and valued team members.
Derek Guivehchi
Chief Financial Officer / Partner
Paradigm21 Realty

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